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Southwest Based Firm Instrumental In Military Software Role

Exporting Naval weaponry to the UK has been difficult for years, but in the last few years it has become easier thanks to a well-established Devon based weapons manufacturing company. Arup International is the company behind this new venture, which aims to build modern naval vessels using state of the art technology and equipment. This company is currently looking for potential military clientele around the world in order to expand its business and create more business opportunity for its staff.

This successful company was set up by ex-service men who were able to help develop sophisticated computer systems for naval services. These were then used to test different weapons in dynamic situations. Ex-service personnel involved with Arup include former Royal Navy engineers, naval architects and naval warfare specialists. Arup’s main focus is on developing state-of-the-art technology and equipment that will be used in the UK’s growing naval fleets.

One Arup UK business that is currently for sale is its Maritime Information Management System which is now at the phase of final development. The MIMS is expected to be in full production within two years. It will be based on the Arup’s current software system called NAVMED – which is the foundation of many current military and commercial software systems. Arup Maritime Information Management System will be able to help the company gain a competitive advantage within the UK’s booming market. Ex-service personnel are also involved in the company to help improve the MIMS and ensure that the system remains viable over the long term.

Arup UK believes that the demand for maritime security and safety software is likely to increase significantly in the future. As a result, it is aiming to keep its existing workforce satisfied by providing job opportunities for ex-service personnel. It also intends to recruit new people as it expands its business into other areas. Ex-service personnel can contribute to this effort by helping to train fresh recruits or by working on the company’s software development.

Arup UK has also bought a manufacturing business from Finland. This company makes and produces military radio equipment and communication systems. This firm also manufactures communication systems and software for the aerospace industry. Ex-service personnel will also get training in using military hardware. This helps the company meet regulatory requirements and stay compliant with regulations set out by the UK government and the US Department of Defense.

Ex-service personnel can find work in many different fields of military software. These include network security, software for combat management, logistics, surveillance and reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and much more. With so much demand for software developers and engineers, there is going to be plenty of job opportunities available for ex-service personnel. The military software firms need to keep their skills fully stocked in order to keep up with the pace of change in this rapidly changing industry. You could be one of those people that fills a very important role.

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