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Wellies Approved By Princess Anne And Zara Tindall Is Extending In Devon

A shop selling luxury welliington boots that have been known to be worn by Zara Tindall is coming to Dartmouth.
The boots approved by the royals are manufactured by Rudds Wellies. This company has been supplying comfortable, protective footwear to both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force since the latter began using the boots in the late 1800’s. They have kept this tradition going for a very long time. Princess Anne and Zara Tindall, founders of Rutt, are continuing this important tradition today. Princess Anne and Zara Tindall are expanding in Devon with several new stores and offer fine quality wellies at reasonable prices.

They are well known for their durability and superior quality workmanship with this brand of protective footwear. The sturdy soles and natural rubber outer soles provide exceptional ankle support when working in water. The Wellies approved by Princess Anne and Zara Tindall is expanding in Devon with several new stores. These boots offer both casual and formal footwear for men, women and children.

These boots were originally designed for use on horseback and in the rugged outback areas of Australia and New Zealand. It was not until sometime later that they were adopted into the shoe making industry and began to become popular with people across Europe. Australian Aborigines were responsible for designing the initial style of these boots that are still used by the Navy today. These boots were also adopted by the British Army and are now used by both Regular and Specialist units worldwide.

Today, Rudds Wellies offer a wide range of styles for men and women. They are available in various colors such as chestnut, cream, earthy brown and black. They are also available with or without fringe, heel or cuffs, as per individual needs.

The footwear designers at Rudds Wellies have always maintained quality control and have strictly implemented quality standards at all times to make sure that the customers are satisfied with their products. These boots have been manufactured using high quality materials that have the capability of offering extreme comfort along with durability and strength. These boots are very comfortable to wear and provide ankle support as well.

When it comes to style, Rudds Wellies have always known to stay ahead. These boots are so much versatile that they can be worn with all kinds of outfits from the conventional evening dress to jeans and casual trousers and leggings. This means that you don’t have to stick to one type of footwear all the time. You can mix and match the shoes with different outfits. The design and comfort of wellies are increasing in Devon and are definitely considering the best brand in this area.

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